Supporting: construction, archaelogy, agriculture

By combining a series of photographs taken of a site we can build a clear picture of the whole site.
Through the use GPS referenced photography from our drone we can identify location – latitude & longitude and measure distance, height, volume and area in addition to creating 3D models

3D Modelling & Photogrammetry

Attenburrow Aerial Survey & Film can provide aerial photography to support inspection and survey purposes across a range of sectors.

We ensure reliable results by using a powerful cloud based software package to guide our flights and produce mapping data in minutes

Potential Uses

GPS accurate aerial imagery to support:
Analysis of drainage (puddling/ditch effectiveness)
Analysis of crop vitality/field productivity
Analysis of hedge row incursion
Roof surveys
Farm strategic planning
Marketing & promotion (Brochure &/or web enhancement)
3D mapping to carry out measurements and calculations

Site imagery for planning meetings and initial assessments
Roof survey (roof, chimney, venting, gutting, flashing, plant incursion)
Mapping of site to carry out calculations
Time lapse to show project development
Marketing & promotion