Get ahead of the game when marketing your property with stunning aerial shots which grab attention, generates interest and informs potential clients.

Attenburrow Aerial Survey & Film provide affordable aerial photography for: Estate agents (residential & commercial) and the Holiday Cottage and Rental sectors. See price guide and contact page for further details.

To add impact, aerial photography can be enhanced with a short supporting video to promote the aspect and location appeal of the property. Additionally, a walkthrough of the indoor layout further informs the potential customer. With the increase in broadband speeds across the country, video can offer a strong promotional tool when marketing property.

26 February 2015
Nearly one in three UK broadband connections are now superfast, up from around one in four in November 2013, according to new Ofcom research.

The growing take-up of superfast cable or fibre services – connections delivering 30Mbit/s and above – has resulted in average UK broadband speeds increasing by a fifth in the six months to November 2014.

The average UK broadband speed is now 22.8Mbit/s, up from 18.7Mbit/s in May 2014, marking the largest absolute rise (4.1Mbit/s) in broadband speeds Ofcom has recorded.